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Joan Zachary is retiring.

March 28, 2017  •  3 Comments

The uncertainty of my inner childThe uncertainty of my inner child

On April 6, Joan Zachary (that would be me) will retire from her job at Martin Guitar, in Nazareth, PA, where she has worked for the past nineteen years.  I’d planned on making it an even twenty, but it’s time for a change, and I’ve been made an offer I can’t refuse.  Plus, spring is here, can summer be far behind?

I keep hearing that “retirement is scary.”  More than one person tells me that apparently I have the guts to do something they just can’t bring themselves to do.  “I need a little more money.”  “I’ve got too many things on my calendar that I just have to see through.”   And my personal favorite:  “What am I going to do with myself all day?”  Yes, all those things have crossed my mind, too.  But I’m taking the leap anyway.  So there.

Well, what am I going to do with myself all day?

  1. Make photographs.  Many of them will be shared right here on this site.
  2. Make music.  Sing, mostly.  I still have to build up my repertoire, but now I’ll have time for that.  Randy (my significant other) is tuning up the guitar and can't wait to help.
  3. Write.  Here’s something that’s really fallen by the wayside over the past few years!  Shame on me. I’ll be ramping up slowly, but this blog is a good place to start, I reckon.
  4. Get more sleep.  Napping is for everyone.  I don’t care what age you are.  Sleep is good.  Ask Ariana Huffington.
  5. Have lunch with people.  I am assembling a list of people with whom I want to share a midday meal.  Would you like to be one of them?  Let me know!
  6. Go back to the gym.  There, I said it - so I've got to make good on that one.

I’ve never written a blog before - but then again, I’ve never retired before, either.  It’s an adventure, right?  Come back again soon and let's enjoy this ride together.



Sarah Caine(non-registered)
I just stopped by to check out your site. It looks great! I especially liked the photos of the little plastic people and your to-do list. I'll be back to browse again soon.
(Rev.) Robert P. Mitchell(non-registered)
Retire? Sounds more like a life adventure to me. Life-changes always challenge our resolve. But in the end, they usually turn into stipendiaries we could never have anticipated. "Retire," according to Webster 1949 (I inherited this one from my parents, I think. It may account for my writing sounding like it comes from a different age!), means "to withdraw from action, or danger, or retreat." But it sounds to me as if you're doing just the opposite! You're moving on to do things you've always wanted to do! I say, "Go for it! Enjoy! Fulfill yourself in ways you've always wanted to!" And yes, take time to nap when you feel like it. Luxuriate in your new-found freedom. And may God bless your every move and down time.
Personally, I resonate with your desire to pursue music. My lifelong passion has been to sing opera. At age 77 I can still sing a high-C. So, go for it, girl, go for all your passions, and may God bless you in the process.
Jill Rowcotsky(non-registered)
Congratulations and Best Wishes!
Enjoy every moment, and take a nap for me!
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