Skunk tales

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Wow!  Is it December already? 

You will be pleased to know that some of Plastiqueville's finest citizens will be appearing in future titles to be published by Parisian Phoenix Publishing, the newest venture from my friends Angel Ackerman and Gayle Hendricks.  Many projects lie ahead, including Trapped, by Seneca Blue, a light-hearted novel about the eradication of some skunks and a romance that blooms as a result.  Don't you think the above image would make a lovely cover for such a tale?  We sure do.

Watch this blog for more details!  (We promise not to be so scarce in the future.)

Dahlia day

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Belinda among the dahlias

Plastiqueville's citizens often have a craving to see the world.  Today we went on a photo expedition, to visit the dahlias grown on the Moser family farm in Hellertown.  The stowaways soon discovered that the flower beds had been placed closely together, making exploration difficult - so most of them stayed back in the car.  However, Belinda (pictured here) asked for an opportunity to climb the supportive fencing, so we made sure she didn't cause any damage in her desire to get up close and personal with the flowers.

We had hoped for bees, too - and that wish came true!  

A bee, hard at work

Other people's unfinished projects

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Today's yard sale find: a wooden stage coach, with parts for a second. Mr. Tiger Pants was eager to try it out, and found it quite comfortable. I especially like the mandala wheels.

With the arrival of autumn, yard sale season may be winding down - but it only takes one sale to make it all worthwhile.  In Northampton, PA, deep in the land of warehouses under construction, we found ourselves in a cul de sac, facing a driveway filled with random stuff.  Randy actually got out of the car for this sale, and without him, I would have missed this unfinished project, priced at four bucks.  In addition to the coach pictured here, there are enough parts for a second one.  I especially love the wheels, which remind me of my friend Stephanie Smith's mandalas.

And here's my big question - should I paint this?  What color?  Fancy or plain?

In the meantime, the wrestlers climbed on board and cooked up a spooky tale, perfect for the season...

The wagon sat by the side of the road. The horses were long gone. "Kidnapped!" gasped the driver. "Creatures came down from the sky and kidnapped 'em!"

The wagon sat by the side of the road.  The horses were long gone.  "Kidnapped!" gasped the driver.  "Creatures came down from the sky, riding on a big spinning plate, and snatched 'em right up before my very eyes!"

The guys who had come to help exchanged glances.  They'd heard stories like this before, but this one was different.  For one thing, there was a second witness - the old man, the only passenger.  "Never seen anything like it," he growled.  "Never in all my days."  

(We watch too much Ancient Aliens around here...)

Please welcome - Skateboard Guy!

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Please welcome one of Plastiqueville's newest citizens: Skateboard Guy! Just in time for the Tokyo Olympics... We have just survived two days of unlimited yard sales, thanks to the folks in Bushkill Township, Northampton County, PA.  Now I've been to many community yard sales, but this had to be one of the best I've ever experienced.  My mid-week request for information quickly returned an exhaustive list of locations, times, and types of items for sale - including maps!  

On Friday, I actually lost count of how many houses we visited, although most of them were walk-throughs with no purchases.  This is partly because I blew $40 at the first location of the day, on a much-needed cedar chest that now sits in the living room and holds all my yoga blankets and pillows.  Friday's scores seemed to be all household stuff; in addition to the chest, we came home with a stone plate for baking pizza and a lightweight, Joan-sized folding garden chair.

Still, somehow - I felt incomplete. We were not done yet.

So on Saturday morning, while Randy stayed home and practiced guitar for an audition later in the day, I hit the road again.  Discovered that for every sale on the list, there were two "unadvertised specials."  And that's where we found Plastiqueville's newest citizen - Skateboard Guy!  Just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.  

Please note Skateboard Guy's size, relative to Mr. Tiger Pants (who wishes I would impose some limits on the newer residents).

Please welcome one of Plastiqueville's newest citizens: Skateboard Guy! Just in time for the Tokyo Olympics...

Beefsteak tomatoes in Plastiqueville

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Mr Tiger Pants and his beefsteak tomatoes

We're gardening again this year, the usual tomatoes and peppers on the deck.  Interestingly enough, our cherry tomatoes seem unusually small, but amazingly sweet.  Go figure.  But, as far as the citizens of Plastiqueville are concerned, they're beefsteaks!  Mr. Tiger Pants is very proud to show off our latest harvest.  There will be more!