Fifteen minutes of fame

February 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

We are thrilled to share the Wednesday Night Photo Show from February 24, courtesy of Dan's Camera City, Allentown, PA - truly our favorite camera shop in the entire known universe.  The citizens of Plastiqueville are featured - and we are quite honored!

In the video, our segment starts around 13:50.  But please watch the whole darn thing, especially if you're looking for a new photo project.  Wildlife photographer Carol Ecker talks about making pictures of snowflakes (because there are so many of them this winter).  Also, Dan's photo expert Phil Voystock will show off a whole bunch of cool close-up techniques, like photographing bubbles (some of them are frozen).  

By the way, we love Dan's.  Yes, there are many other choices, including those legendary photographic superstores like B&H and Adorama, which are less than two hours from here.  But I prefer to buy from folks I know, and folks who know me.  So unless it's something small and silly (like a replacement lens cap - why do I keep losing them?), Dan's is my go-to.  The Lehigh Valley is lucky to have them.  Visit them here.



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