Some like 'em big

July 08, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

If you've ever driven Route 248 through the west side of Bath, PA, you've probably passed this house, which is an ever-changing display of fantastic creatures. "Cut that grass!" yells the bear by the door. "I think you missed a spot," says the fish on the left. (The little platic people may be demanding from time to time - but nothing like this!) We were riding around the other day in the new "family van", with Randy at the wheel - which meant I got to ride shotgun and make pictures, a rare pleasure.   Our travels included Route 248 through Bath, PA, past this local landmark with the big animals in the front yard.  We were making a sharp turn when I got this one, so I had to concentrate on keeping the camera steady AND not falling over into the driver's lap.  I was focusing on the animals - and I didn't even see the owner and his lawnmower until I reviewed the images later.

But wait!  It gets better.

I posted the image in all the usual places (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr) - and much to my great astonishment, it went viral.  At this writing, we're at 285 shares on Facebook, more than I ever had on any image!  I was really hesitant to post it - after all, who wants the world to see you dragging a lawnmower around your yard in 90 degree weather?  But apparently this guy is really nice, and somewhat well-known in the neighborhood.  His house has even made it onto the Roadside America website, which is hugely cool, IMHO. 

So maybe I'll have to print this out and slip it in his mail slot.  I think we have something in common.


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