Meet the people of Plastiqueville - Weed Whacker Guy

February 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

NAME:  Weed Whacker Guy

HEIGHT:  About 3.5 inches

CAME FROM:  Tractor Supply, Nazareth, PA

Weed Whacker Guy is one of the hardest working citizens in Plastiqueville, and he's got the equipment to get the job done.  Not only does he wield a huge, gas-powered weed whacker, he also gets around the job site on a John Deere tractor, also purchased from Tractor Supply.  He has mowed weeds in my backyard (above) and in our indoor cress garden (below).  He has even traveled to the Badlands of South Dakota!

But his most challenging job was for my friend Diadra (below).  Diadra is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, and back when they could boast Super Bowl success, she dyed her hair Eagles green.  Weed Whacker Guy volunteered for a photo session with Diadra, where her hair made the perfect "grass."  If I had not told you this, would you know?


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