Meet the people of Plastiqueville - Mr. Tiger Pants

February 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Mr. Tiger Pants

NAME:  Mr. Tiger Pants (formerly Rico)

HEIGHT:  About 7 inches

CAME FROM:  The Klecknersville Rangers Indoor Flea Market

I adore Mr. Tiger Pants.  He's a member of the WWE wrestlers that came to live in Plastiqueville in February 2020, right before the pandemic really hit. (more about the wrestlers in a future post)  "Rico" was his WWE name, but his present moniker is obviously better.  He's had a hard life, as you can see by the condition of his left foot, probably chewed off by a pet or an overeager child. Yet he keeps on smiling!  His barbecue fork is from a set of eight, inherited from my former mother-in-law, so if he loses this one, there are several spares.  And he loves to barbecue!  He also likes to dress up, and is wearing a hat from the craft store.  (It's not easy to find hats that fit these guys.)

But what I really love about Mr. Tiger Pants is what I love about all the wrestlers - his bendable joints.  He can sit, stand, kneel - even do yoga!  The ability to bend is a very big deal around here.


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